Season 4 News!
On top of everything we got in the September update of Clash Royale, we’re also getting even more stuff for season 4 of Clash Royale - let’s take a look:
  • Pass Royale Improvements
    • Free Players will now collect all crowns earned - you still have to wait 24 hours per tier, but extra crowns you earn will count towards future crown chests!
    • When players buy passes, gifts will be given to clanmates. These gifts depend on your king level, up to 500 gold for level 13 players and you can claim 10 of these per season.
    • Season Bank - if you buy the pass, every 10 crowns you earn after tier 35 will give 250 gold into your season bank, which you can claim at the end of the season
  • Season 4: Shocktober
    • This season has a new spooky theme for halloween - including a purple loading screen, a spooky new arena, and a pumpkin tower skin!
    • Tons of new spooky emotes!
    • Elixir Golem - a 3 elixir tank that splits into 2 golemites, then 4 which gives a total of 4 elixir to your opponent
  • Balance Changes
    • Witch
      • Hitpoints: -12%
      • Damage: +220%
      • Hit Speed: -40%
      • Splash: -45%
      • Spawns 4 skeletons in radius around the Witch
      • Spawn Time slower 5sec > 7sec
      • No longer spawns Skeletons when destroyed
    • Night Witch
      • Death bat spawns from 2-4
    • Wallbreakers
      • Elixir cost: 3 > 2
      • Damage: -10%
      • Mass: +100%
    • Fisherman
      • Damage: -6%
      • Hitpoints: -5%
    • Hunter
      • Damage: +2%
    • Snowball
      • Knockback: -17%



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Community Highlights

The september update has been one of the glitchiest updates at least during the first day of release, but this bug here, tops it all

[Bug] So this was a fun game from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Prediction

With balances coming into effect on Monday, lets make some predictions on how this new meta will evolve


  • Fisherman will still be used; his hook aspect is much more important than his DPS
  • Will be much weaker in counterpushes

Witch, Executioner, Hunter

  • All three of these should see small increases in usage
  • With more expensive support troops being buffed, giant may be a cheaper tank to combo than golem


  • Will become a very niche card, possibly in some quick miner cycle decks
  • Increased mass will help them push through to the tower

Elixir Golem

  • Elixir golem has the potential to be seen in many different archetypes, most notably graveyard, bridgespan, split lane, and fireball bait decks