Posted Sep 8, 2019



Clash Royale’s Next Update?
Even though season 3 of Clash Royale has only kicked off for a single week, we’ve already got several hints dropped by the Clash Royale Dev Team about their next update and season 4! Let's take a look!
  • The SEPTEMBER Update?!
    • In a comment on reddit, Drew, a community manager, said, “we'll be dropping an update before season 4 starts that will have a bunch of new stuff & QoL improvements” Card
    • Here’s a list of QoL Improvements that supercell hinted at working on:
      • See-through countdown screens
      • Fast forward/rewinding replays
      • Adding leaked elixir info to replays
      • In-active clan leader issues in clans
  • Clash Royale Season 4
    • So far, we’ve had one hint at what may be coming in season 4 - and it's a biggie: a rework to the Witch! We don’t have any info on the specifics, but it will “change some fundamental aspects of the card” Card


Emergency Balance Changes
  • Executioner
    • Range Increased from 3.0 -> 4.0
    • DPS +2%
    This is the third change for the executioner this season, and I think will finally make the executioner a pretty balanced card in this meta, giving him that extra range over the hunter, a card that overshadowed him in the first few days of the meta. His damage increase also allows him to 1-shot flying machines and magic archers, but it's just shy of killing those pesky barbarians in 1 swing.
  • Fisherman
    • Hitpoints -5%
    This is another good change on supercell’s part. The fisherman is by far the most used card in the entire game right now, so this tone down has helped slightly, although not much. Either way, a good step in the right direction.



This week, we finally have an official schedule for CRL west has been announced! It will start on September 14 and end on October 20. Can’t wait to see some fresh new pro gameplay!


Community Highlights

This week, we’ve got a concept by u/Veryrary, and it’s a Clash Royale VR Concept! This looks absolutely amazing, just imagine yourself playing a 3D match of clash royale with your friends using VR headsets!

Clash Royale Table VR fan art, 100% vector illustration yt video included from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Analysis

This week’s meta is actually a lot more versatile than before - pretty much every archetype has a spot in it - everything except the hog rider is seen a good amount. However, there is 1 card in particular that has just taken over this meta: the Fisherman

  • Fisherman:
    • This card is rocking a 32% use rate in grand challenges. It’s so dominant that its seen in literally every archetype in the game, ranging from beatdown to siege
  • Control
    • Control is the archetype that is the most popular in this current meta
    • It’s defensive aspect allows these decks to dominate defense and make positive trades - its more passive playstyle in single elixir allows for domination without too much micro play
    • Higher variations of control focus on keeping high pressure, preventing you from building up a big push to overwhelm them
    • These decks include: Lavahound Control, P.E.K.K.A Control/Bridgespam, Bridgespam, Graveyard