Posted Nov 30, 2019



Season 6: Clashmas!
The long awaited Christmas season of Clash Royale is finally announced! A new theme, tower skins, emote, and balances are all coming on Monday, December 2nd! Let’s take a closer look:
  • 3 New Tower Skins:
    • FREE Igloo Tower Skin: tier 24 of the free track
    • Fireplace Tower Skin: unlocked through normal pass royale
    • Gingerbread Tower Skin: unlocked through an offer in the shop
  • 3 New Holiday Emotes
  • Clashmas Arena!


New Card: Battle Healer
With each attack, she unleashes a powerful healing aura that restores Hitpoints to friendly Troops. Outside of combat she passively heals herself!

The Battle Healer was announced earlier this week, one hint from this announcement was the Card Level Boost, which we now have more information on:

  • Will only be applied to new cards (in this case, the Battle Healer) for the entire season
  • The Battle Healer’s level will be boosted to your king tower level (level 12 king = level 12 healer)

As for the Battle Healer herself, she will be able to be unlocked in a challenge starting on December 2nd! Some stats:

  • 1584 HP - more than a Knight, but less than a Valkyrie
  • 123 damage - cannot one-hit stab goblins
  • Heals herself at all times
  • Casts a healing aura every attack
  • NOTE: Her ‘hovering’ stat is now removed. She is now considered a ground unit


Season 6 Balance Changes

In addition to the recent changes to the Arrows, Executioner, and Witch, three more cards are being changed:

  • Elixir Golem
    • Hit Speed → 1.3 sec. (all forms)
  • Knight
    • Hitpoints +5%
  • Three Musketeers
    • Deploy Time Decreased 3 → 2 sec.
    • Deploy Stagger Increased 0.15 → 0.5 sec.

Very interesting changes! For the most part, the changes this season have all been very solid, as they make some very fine tuned adjustments that address a majority of the problems in last month’s meta.



The Clash Royale League World Finals will be occurring in just a week, on December 7th, in Los Angeles, California. The 6 participating teams will be competing for a $150,000 grand prize, in a bracketed format shown here:

Win a free emote and a guaranteed 25 gems through the return of Fantasy Royale! Simply go to the esports tab of your News Royale section, and create a team of four players you think will earn the most crowns during the world finals. By simply creating this team, you will earn a free emote, and if your team does well, have the opportunity to win up to 1000 gems!


Community Highlight

As you know, in the recent update this past week, a new stats info screen was introduced. This feature allows for newer players to see some very basic ways to use and counter a card, which is very useful for many newer players. Therefore, on reddit, many players have made a few main suggestions to improve this new UI:

  • Place the stats screen first, or default to the stats screen.This will be a bit more convenient in the long run so you don’t have to flip over every time you view a card’s information
  • Have these videos preview star level skins. Personally, it would be nice to have an easy way to see exactly what your upgraded troops will look like!


Meta Analysis

With balances coming into effect on Monday, we’re going to be making a prediction on how this set of balances will change the meta. Of course, with 3 of the changes already in place, we’ll take these into account as well:

  • Executioner
    • The executioner is back to where he was - low use, moderate win
    • He’s not in a perfect spot, supercell will be leaving a majority of the splashers alone for now
  • Arrows
    • Finally being seen in the meta for the first time in a while
    • Pretty big win in this update. Being able to one-shot Guards, Wallbreakers, and Archers is a pretty big buff to this card
    • Not too popular, not too OP, seems like a solid change so far
  • Elixir Golem
    • The blobs do less damage
    • The main golem does more damage
    • This is still aimed to be a nerf to the golem, as the main golem rarely actually reaches the tower
    • Solid change that likely will give the golme that slight nerf he needs
  • Three musketeers
    • A two-second load time means that these Musketeers will be a but harder to hit with a fireball
    • Faster load time means that the musketeers will also spring into action slightly faster, giving them a slight buff
    • It doesn’t seem like a very large change at all, but with the healer being introduced at the same time, watch out for some crazy 3M combos for sure!

Overall, the metas going to be nowhere near as crazy as this past month’s. However, decks such as traditional pekka control and xbow are getting less and less effective, as players have to either change their strategy, or change their deck to succeed.